2021 toyota c hr

2021 toyota c hr

 2021 toyota c hr

2021 toyota c hr






In a corner of the market stuffed with younger shoppers, aesthetics matter. during this regard, the C-HR has many attractiveness. despite the fact that it’s uncommon from some angles, like the rear fractional read, 2021 toyota c hr components just like the elevated rear door handles, steeply angulate car window, and bulbous fenders provides it a singular identity.


 2021 toyota c hr

The base model rides on rather standard 17-inch steel wheels, however alternative models have a lot of appealing 18-inch alloy wheels. Multi-reflector LED headlights square measure customary on lower trims whereas pricier variants get LED projector headlights. A black chin spoiler and numerous alternative black components distinguish the ligneous plant Edition.



Unfortunately, Toyota’s Entuned pic is one in all Roadshow’s least favorite systems, with a unwieldy interface and dated graphics. Apple CarPlay and robot motorcar square measure customary, that helps, however one supremely unsatisfactory feature is that the fuzzy, low-res backup camera.


Come on, Toyota, backup cameras square measure hardly new, and they have been a federally mandated piece of safety instrumentality for a number of years currently. That show ought to be crystal-clear.


I should not have to be compelled to guess if that is a bush or a sack of groceries behind American state. Further, be ready to duke it out together with your passengers over charging ports. there’s only 1 USB-A and one 12-volt outlet within the front. Rear-seat passengers square measure sol.


 2021 toyota c hr


Toyota is giving a nine-speaker JBL electronic equipment at a further price. With the front seat set for my 5-foot, 9-inch driving position, I still have some area between my knees and therefore the seat back, and many of headroom in addition.

 2021 toyota c hr

My solely criticism is that the dealing within the car window makes for a extremely high beltline, that makes the rear compartment feel dark and a lot of incommodious than it extremely is.


There’s a ton of low cost plastic in here, however the doors have some fascinating diamond-pattern texture that is echoed within the artifact seats, and therefore the faux-leather dash is really quite nice 2021 toyota c hr .


My ligneous plant trim contains a leather-wrapped handwheel, though’ the controls square measure oddly slanted at associate degree angle.



The C-HR’s four-cylinder might use a turbocharger or a supercharger—or even a giant will of Red Bull—as it’s incapable of hustling this crossover up to hurry with something approaching enthusiasm.


In our testing, the C-HR was solely ready to muster associate degree and eleven.0-second saunter from zero to sixty mph, and it’s considerably slower than most of its rivals. once driving usually around city, the shortage of power is well disguised due to a responsive throttle that launches you thirstily off the road.

however place your right foot deep within the treadle and therefore the engine revs to its peak and stays there, droning on whereas you await the incessantly variable transmission system (CVT) to regulate its ratios in an exceedingly futile arrange to give speedy motion.


Over bumps, the C-HR delivers a ride that’s snug, however it’s not a standout during this phase. The suspension quickly rebounds when massive road imperfections however hit a stretch of patched or broken pavement at speed and you are treated to a cacophony of noise; harsh bumps send reverberations throughout the cabin.


The C-HR’s steering feels correct, and its front wheels respond on to commands. Handling is spirited, body roll is well controlled, and therefore the C-HR feels devilish from behind the wheel.



Acceleration is not the C-HR’s main focus; fuel potency is wherever this crossover shines. whereas its independent agency estimates of twenty seven mpg town and thirty one mpg road have the C-HR neck and neck with most rivals, it blew away virtually the Nissan Kicks (the 2 mini-Utes tied for an equivalent result) in our real-world


highway fuel-economy testing: The XLE model we have a tendency to tested smashed past its independent agency rating and delivered an outstanding thirty seven mpg over the course of two hundred miles. For a lot of info concerning the C-HR’s fuel economy, visit.



Limited guarantee covers three years or thirty six,000 miles

Powertrain guarantee covers five years or sixty,000 miles

Complimentary upkeep is roofed for two years or twenty five,000 miles



Length 172.6 in

Wheelbase 103.9 in

Height 61.6 in

Max dimension seventy.7 in

Front dimension sixty one.0 in

Rear dimension sixty one.0 in

Curb Weight three,300.0 lbs


toyota c hr price Rs.17.00 Lakh*



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