places to visit | travel in india

places to visit | travel in india



places to visit | travel |in india 






places to visit | travel | in mumbai 

Gateway of India

places to visit

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The entranceway of India that was inbuilt the twentieth century is one among the largest traveler attractions of urban center. The building stands superbly high the Arabian Sea and therefore the location of this building is what makes it therefore enticing.


it’s eighty five feet tall and it’s one among Mumbai’s most vital landmarks. the development of the entranceway of {india| India| Republic of India |Bharat| Asian country |Asian nation} took virtually thirteen years to end and it absolutely was inbuilt dedication to the primary visit done by King King of England and additionally Queen Virgin Mary to India.


This happened in 1911 and thus if you’ve got ne’er detected, there’s additionally a line that reads, ‘Erected to commemorate the landing in India of their Imperial Majesties King King of England Queen and Virgin Mary on the second December MCMXI.’ Right opposite to the present attraction and stands another lovely and historical building- the mausoleum building.


This building has existed even before the entranceway of India was erected, twenty one years before to be precise. Opposite to the present lovely landmark of urban center additionally stands a sculpture of Shivaji that contains a historical significance.


Shivaji was a king UN agency resorted to guerilla warfare in order that his Maratha Empire can be established.



places to visit | travel


Another nice attraction is that the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus that’s visited by numerous folks. This terminus was additionally designed throughout British rule and therefore the construction of an equivalent started in 1787 that went on until 1887. In 1887 it absolutely was finally place open for public use.


Mumbaikars decision this station local time. Before this terminus got its name of Shivaji, it absolutely was named Victoria Terminus and was known as American state. There square measure many of us UN agency still consult with local time as American state.


The design of this terminus is extremely impressed by Victorian Gothic designs and it’s one among the primary to be started in urban center.


It is inevitable that individuals UN agency visit urban center from faraway places don’t visit this place. Since it is a significant transport supply for Mumbaikars, the local time is actually important. There square measure a complete of eighteen platforms and among these seven square measure just for native uses.


Local trains in urban center that connect harbor, western and central railways and therefore the eleven platforms square measure for trains that go outside urban center. For travelers’ comfort, they even have associate degree in house dormitory which will be utilized by folks on condition that pre set-aside.



 places to visit | travel

This place of interest is what defines urban center within the very best approach. well-liked for being associate degree island town, Marine drive may be a long stretch that has been created by the Arabian Sea and it stretches up to three.5 km.


it’s additionally known as because the Queen’s jewelry and it’s known as therefore, thanks to the long stretch that lights up in the dead of night and appears almost like a pearl jewelry.


The best time to go to Marine drive is in the dead of night once there’s relatively lesser crowd and there’s a definite peace you’re feeling at that point. The cool breeze, the flowing waves and therefore the lights all makes the texture of sitting here an exquisite one.


There would be hardly anybody heavy you and your moments of solitude, apart from the tea vendors that sell hot cups of tea and even occasional until late night. The Marine drive begins at Nariman purpose to finish at Juhu and Girgaum.


this is often another spot that provides breathless views of sunset. And if you happen to go to the town throughout Monsoons, allow us to tell you Marine drive simply gets higher with rains.



Shaniwar Wada

 places to visit | travel

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada served because the seat of power for Peshwa rulers of the Maratha Empire. This brilliant bailiwick marvel was associate degree extravagant fortification effort created by Peshwa Baji Rao I following the conclusion within the Third Anglo Maratha War.


The fort was destroyed in 1823 by a fireplace, since then it’s functioned as a travel attraction and comprising of grand armored gates, large palaces and an exquisite fountain.



Helen’s purpose

 places to visit | travel

Helen’s purpose

Scenic Beauty Dotted By Eye Catching Landscapes and Cascading Waterfalls Popularly called the Blue depression, Helen’s purpose may be a fantastic spot that pulls variety of tourists packed with eye catching landscapes.


If you’re trying to find an area to pay time in your long weekend the Helen’s purpose may be a excellent place giving pleasant vistas.


It is the thick inexperienced fields, human cabins and falling waterfalls that is charming. Once visited you won’t want departure the place. places to visit | travel you’ll be able to even witness the undulating avatar Waterway because it goes through very little fields.



Best Places to go to in Lonavala in Monsoon

Dhudhiware water

Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling, Lonavala - Trodly


Dhudhiware water










Dhudhiware water is simply eight kilometre type Lonavala centre. It comes into action within the monsoon time solely. Approx stature of this water is one hundred thirty five linear unit.


One will appreciate the excite of this cascade rappelling firmly, as each one of the exercises square measure done beneath master direction, and every one well being measures square measure taken for it. If you wish book day journey at dudhiware water rappelling.


Kune waterfalls

Kune Falls, Lonavala - Timings, Swimming, Entry Fee, Best time to visit


The ordinal highest water in India is found in Lonavla and is that the center of attraction of the time of year. This water is thought as Kune water and therefore the height of the falls is 660 feet.


This 3 layer water has one long drop of 330 feet. The drop of the opposite section is nearly three hundred feet. the complete water may be a brilliant work of art of Mother Nature with the enriched background of leaf.


It is extremely a enthralling sight to any traveler. you must solely visit this place in monsoon time to expertise the important beauty.



Karla and Bhaja caves

 places to visit | travel


Situated a bit far from main Khandala town and a lot of towards the town of Kamshet, the Karla and Bhaja caves portray the Buddhist design and primarily square measure temples, inbuilt the 2d century.


each these places even have their own ‘Chaitya’ and ‘Vihara’ that were used for prayers by the monks. Carvings associated with Lord Buddha square measure portrayed everywhere the walls and also the pillars at this weekend destination.




Matheran: A Misty Retreat in Maharashtra |


Clear Holidays travel give intensive travel info to assist soul set up his or her holidays to Louisa purpose. we provide latest on-line travel recommendation and absolute best travel info on Louisa purpose touristry  places to visit | travel by.


recommending best look places in Matheran, weekend destinations from Matheran, second hotels, edifice deals in Matheran, and out there outside acitvities(if any) near “Louisa Point” traveler spot.

We conjointly facilitate travellers to search out some cool edifice deals on their second edifice bookings for an ideal keep close to Louisa purpose. With our latest travel recommendation, travel guides, and travel tips about Matheran touristry you’ll be able to get your holidays planned in no time.



Best traveler Places to go to in and Around Nashik

Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple


Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is one amongst the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, placed within the Nashik district. The temple advanced is that the supply of the Godavari watercourse and one amongst the should visit non secular center in Maharashtra



 places to visit | travel

Panchavati could be a journeying   and also the place wherever the Kumbh Mela control close to the Godavari watercourse in Nashik. The advanced has several traveler attractions like Tapovan,Ramkund,Naroshankar Temple and Sundarnarayan Temple.






Things to do: The perks of travel through all Capitol Hill stations and in Maharashtra is that you simply get to trek most of them. Amboli is additionally one such hill station in Maharashtra, that is understood to be the proper honeymoon destination for couples.


You do not ought to take an extended break to go to the chain once the Sahyadris will offer you the chilly ambiance. you’ll be able to visit the Amboli Falls, catch a read of the sunset at the Amboli Sunset purpose and conjointly see what the depression seems like from Shirgaonkar purpose.



Alibaug Beach

Alibaug could be a black-sand beach that offers the gun-sight of the Kolaba fort from the shores. Amber sand lies beneath its coarser black counterpart, and its distinctive sight is additional accentuated by the rocks that idly laze the complete landscape.


The ruins of the fort area and unit clearly visible from the Alibaug beach which might be simply accessed by monsoon waddling through the waters in low tides and a brief boat ride throughout high tides.


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